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50,000 dpi First EIE Photoplotter RP750 for High-end encoders at US DIGITAL USA

We have been using a First EIE PR750+SXT photoplotter for 5 years now. The photoplotter is well designed and a major improvement over our previous plotter. What stands out to our team is the quality of the design, speed, simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance. The speed increase is exponential – a plot that took hours on our previous system, takes just minutes on the PR750+SXT.  In addition to the speed, the automatic sheet loading and simplicity of operation makes running the machine a breeze. Overall, we have been very pleased with the plotter, along with the service and support we receive. When it was time to purchase a new line for our increasing sales, it was an easy decision to purchase a second First EIE photoplotter.

Mike Pomerinke

Operation Manager”


First EIE Technology at Royal Circuits, CA, USA

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Royal Circuits Group has expanded its investment in process equipment from First EIE. Royal Circuits Group has acquired an EDI500 direct image system for its location in Southern California, and CP562 for inkjet nomenclature at the Hollister, California location. The First EIE inkjet and direct image machines provide a simple user interface and highly reliable platform while addressing advanced technology needs.

The CP562 inkjet equipment for nomenclature ink has proven itself as being a daily work horse with very minimum maintenance needed. Random nozzle clogging—a typical issues with inkjet technology—is a very seldom occurrence. The equipment features other advanced capabilities, such as data scaling and dynamic legend (date codes, D-codes, serial numbers, text), and has a maintenance-friendly design packaged into a very small foot print.


Based on DMD technology, First EIE’s direct image platform also features a high-powered UV light source, which provides a full spectral range from 365nm to 450nm—allowing full compatibility with almost all resists and solder masks. Features include full panel to local panel scaling, resolution down to 1mil lines and spaces, real time Z-axis focus adjustment and as usual with EIE equipment, a very maintenance friendly design. The EDI500 addresses panel sizes up to 24″ x 27″ with a very compact foot print while the EDI700 allows processing panels as large as 30″ x 36″. all4-PCB (North America) Inc. is proud to be representing this product line.

About Royal Circuits

Royal Circuits in both Northern and Southern California is known for exceptional speed and capabilities. Achieving a fabrication speed 2 times faster than the industry average has been achieved by continuous investment in advanced capital equipment as well as staff. Royal Circuits has been an early adopter of a range of innovative manufacturing technologies. With an employee turn-over of less than 1% over the past 20 years, Royal Circuits has demonstrated that with a happy team amazing results can be obtained.

Founded in 1998, the Hollister, California manufacturing site has grown to a 50,000 sq ft facility. Success of this rigid board, prototype facility spurred the investment in adding flex and rigid flex capability at the Royal Flex Circuits location in Santa Fe Springs, Southern CA.

About First EIE

First EIE SA is marked by its resolve to systematically integrate the most advanced technologies to provide outstanding equipment for leading markets seeking high-end imaging technologies.

Photoplotter equipment are involved everywhere where High-Resolution Master Artworks patterns are required. With its proprietary 512 beams optical engine, the latest generation of Photoplotters achieves features down to 5 microns at 50000 dpi in real production environment.

Our latest Equipment for Direct Imaging enables the possibility to expose the artwork directly onto the final substrate, thus improving the process by removing more than three steps.

With a consistent development strategy, First EIE maintained its leading position with proprietary Software, latest Electronic design and unrivaled Optical Engines.

With over 1200 installed base around the world, First EIE SA built its solid position with the help of a network of 20+ Exclusive Agents and Distributors.

In North America, all4-PCB has been selected as First EIE’s representative. Headquartered in Southern California, all4-PCB offers a wide range of process equipment, from global suppliers, and consumables to PCB manufacturers across North America. A dedicated team of service engineers across the country and spare parts stock In Glendale, CA ensure excellent customer support.


First EIE Direct Imager and AVI at EIPC Winter conference in Lyon

Part 2: EIPC’s 2018 Winter Conference in Lyon, Review of Day 1

Jean-Paul Birraux, sales and marketing manager with First EIE in Switzerland, discussed developments in panel and roll-to-roll automatic optical inspection and automatic visual inspection for PCBs and components. He began by reviewing First EIE’s product range, which included photoplotters—for which there was still a strong market, UV direct imaging, automatic optical and visual inspection systems, and inkjet printers. The trend was towards larger-format machines. First EIE’s direct imaging technology was based on single-head DMD principles with a collimated arc lamp UV source, giving full-spectrum 360 to 450 nm output.

A merger in 2015 with the Japanese company Inspec, who had long-term experience in AOI and AVI for packaging and components, established a synergy that enabled the development of a new generation of automatic visual inspection systems for PCB inspection. A unique feature was the capability to create a master reference image from a single sample, and to inspect both sides of a 240 mm x 240 mm circuit in a third of the time taken by a human inspector, capturing defects to the 20 micron level. A current project integrated First EIE’s latest EDI imager and two Inspec AVI systems in-line with developing and etching to enable continuous roll-to-roll processing, with resist inspection after developing and pattern inspection after etching.

Brandner PCB invests in a new RP216-SXT Photoplotter

The Estonian PCB manufacturer has invested in a new photoplotter from First EIE.
“From now on we are able to prepare all films we need in production much quicker. And we need a lot of films, because almost every pattern developing process require a plotted film in certain stage,” the company writes in an update.

Increased plotter capacity means that the company are able to process more designs simultaneously – which in turn creates more flexibility for the company and enables Brandner to shorten the time between when the order was placed and when actual manufacturing starts.

New automatic inputs: EPS Postscript, PDF

Now, for all First EIE Equipment, RP series Photoplotters, CP562 Ink Jet Printer and EDI500 Direct Imager, it is possible to send Postscript EPS and Pdf files to the MPS Queue Manager. The conversion to Tiff format will be automatic. A Tiff viewer is available before exposure, with support for Tiff files larger than 4TB.

The system support insertion of compressed data files. Automatic recognition and unpacking of ZP; 7Z, ARJ, TAR, GZ and RAR files.



Inspec, First EIE and ETS on top of the world

2016 ending…a little bit of relaxation…

End of August a team of brave cyclists attended the Manali-Leh Expedition:


Inspec Group members: Renata and Petr Pisan (First EIE SA, Geneva, programmer), Ramesh Amritraj (ETS, Bangalore, India, First EIE exclusive distributor), Jean-paul BIRRAUX (First EIE SA Sales and Marketing Manager)

This ain’t no touristy stuff! This is that once in a lifetime event that cyclists around the world dream of. The expedition starts at Manali : door to the heaven of Himalayas which has ironically become honeymoon spot! The expedition makes you cross 5 passes with a maximum altitude of Khardung La (5370 mts). Each one of these passes is unique in their own stature: Bara Lachha La – one of the most loopy passes, Naki La & Lachu lung La are like Twin brothers standing just next to each other, Rohtang Pass is the most unpredictable and moody of them all, and last but not the least & the toghest to cross – Tanglang La (5340 mts). Overwhelming..right? Well there is much much more. Gata loops with 22 curves can send a fine chill up your spine when you see it from the top, Moray plains is one of the highest & coldest deserts in the world, snow laden peaks, rivers like Chandra-Bhaga & Indus, and more. The destination city of Leh needs no intro which culminates your expedition in a perfect way. Well, its just not possible to explain the beauty of the expedition in words! One has to do it to feel it.

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